Rear Sprockets
Rear Sprockets
Rear Sprockets

Rear Sprockets

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Choose to style of rear sprocket you would like for your build
ProTaper CS4 Rear Steel Sprockets for ATV
Revolutionary “Diamond-Cut” teeth are 25% harder resulting in longer life. Exclusive KTL coating for long lasting finish. High-strength 460 steel. Perfect for offroad or motocross rider looking for exceptional durability.
JT Sprockets for ATV

    JT Sprockets are made from the latest generation of computer design and control metal cutting equipment for maximum durability. JT rear sprockets are made from ultra-durable C49 high-carbon steel and 7075 aluminum. Front sprockets are made from chromoly SCM420 steel alloy. All sprockets are heat-treated and hand-finished to meet or exceed the highest possible quality standards.


    Renthal Chainwheel Sprockets For ATV


    Manufactured to extremely tight tolerances from a special material developed to withstand the stress of Supercross, Motocross and Enduro. 7075-T6 aluminum alloy rear chainwheels are 66% lighter than steel, yet incredibly durable. Advanced tooth profile, concentricity and accuracy of fit provide maximum power transfer and long-life. Combination of high-strength base material and hardwearing surface result in significantly increased chainwheel life. Self-cleaning mud grooves help prevent dirt build-up.


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