build info + lead times


****LEAD TIME IS 8-12 WEEKS, FOR PRODUCTION & BUILD TIME on all trike kits****

***Some pricing and brand info for everyone

asking. Please read ***

Due to the high volume of messages about what brands we convert etc.  The answer is we can do just about anything you want.  From any popular brand to a electric Alta Trike, we have you covered.  

All CNC machining, CNC plasma cutting, welding - fab, graphics and powder coating are all done in house in our shop.   This keeps production times as fast as possible.  On average a full custom build that has not been done before can take a few months easily. Everything we build is fixtured so that it can be reproduced after.  We recommend calling for current lead times. 

Right now we have a lot of models and other brands dialed in as seen on 

Now lets talk full build price? It really comes down to what you want. Have us build it Turn-key  OR Order a kit from us and source all of the ATV parts and labor your self.
Our kits as seen on our website range from 3-4000 and then you have to factor in a couple 2-3k of ATV parts needed   Now if we do the build remember there is labor Added, powder coating, custom graphics etc. It really isn't hard to hit the $8500-9500 mark on a high end build using brand new parts. We've had some go around 10,500 mark depending on customer requests. The sky is the limit!   So you tell us your budget and we will work a quote up for you.

*******Keep in mind this pricing does not include the bike that you build. *******

Some customers buy Brand new $8,000 bikes and have us build so that they have a 100% showroom new machine.   And others will start with lets say a 2005 crf for $2200.  It all comes down to budget.  
There ARE ways to budget build as the used market is FULL of cheaper parts to help keep cost down. 

Hopefully that answers some questions. Please call us 518-563-3699 for more info, or to discuss your future build!  We would love to build you the Trike of your dreams.  



Now lastly,  why go with us?  Well i can tell you this , after being in business 13+ years we have worked on and built just about everything . As you can see by the pictures our attention to detail is one of our strongest points.     Powersports is what we do, as this is our full-time family owned and operated business (husband & wife + employees)   Any time you need to get a hold of us we are here to answer the phone 50+ hours a week along with email also. 

Pictured here we started with a used 2005 , and we did a full tear down and powder coat of just about the whole bike (including forks and frame)  

This build pictured started life as a brand new bike and same type of build as above  full color change and custom retro but modern look.

Sometimes we get a challenge,  owner Binky Tapscott asked us to build what we believe is one of the worlds first modern electric Trikes. Check out the only ALTA trike in the world!