Disclaimer:  Trikes are NOT cheap to build! MX Bikes - Quads and Trikes are very dangerous and only recommended for highly skilled riders.
 These parts and builds are designed for off-road use only on private land or tracks. Average build cost can vary greatly based on if you start with a used or new machine.  Our trike kits start at a "base price" and
you must add all necessary parts to the cart for the full build. You CAN find parts used (such as plastic-seat-tires/wheels) to
lower the overall cost. Recommended Trike kits installed by highly Skilled Technician . Directions (by email) and How-To videos (youtube) are Available. 

  Do you have an unlimited budget? and short on time? We CAN build you  your dream trike! You get to pick colors, parts and overall look. 
Full Custom builds range 15-20K out the door.  (cost of bike + our kit+ Labor)

All parts are build- to - order - build times (during busy months) can range 6-12 WEEKS. Please call 518-563-3699 for current build time. Do not order on a rushed time line- as hand built custom parts take-time-to-build.

We appreciate all of your support, as we are just trying to build you guys amazing machines!  Any questions shoot us an email or give us a call.

  Thank you!