DG RCM 4-Stroke Exhaust 85-86 ATC350X

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RCM 4-Stroke Exhaust Systems
  • RCM tapered reverse cone megaphone systems come with steel or aluminum alloy mufflers
  • Provide large increases in acceleration and top-end speed
  • Tuned for maximum peak horsepower and thrust
  • Repackable spiral-fluted core silencers
  • Large-diameter steel headpipes included (except where noted)
  • Available without spark arrestors only


Krome Power RCM Exhaust System
  • Finish: Chrome
  • Head pipe material: Steel
  • Muffler material: Steel
  • Spark arrestor: Not available
  • Type: Full exhaust
The Krome Power RCM is built using all steel construction. The entire unit is then chrome plated. Perfect for a Hot Rod look or showing off at the dunes.

The RCM stands for Reverse Cone Megaphone. The midpipe starts at a specific diameter and gets larger as it gets to the muffler body. This helps scavenge exhaust gases from the engine. This increased scavenging process will give your ATV better throttle response and a smoother power delivery.  You won't find a better Krome Power RCM Complete Exhaust for your Honda.