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This takes the guess work out of buying separate components.. how ever we spec it like the build seen in the pics.  

*Estimated ship time End of January - Mid Feb* 

We are offering a complete kit to spec your Mega Red build to look just like the one we built.     listed below is a complete list of all parts included so that you can replicate this build. 

We are offering a large discount on this package deal - to help compensate for the long lead time as we plan to build a "bulk order" of these components to cut cost down and lock in material discounts.   We then pass this onto you guys.. which is why the price is less. roughly a $1,200 savings


Included in complete trike kit

BVC Swingarm with guides / bearings/ hardware 

BVC Billet Sprocket guard

BVC Billet brake disc guard

BVC Billet antifade nut 

BVC Billet Triple clamps

BVC fabricated front hub

BVC Billet front axle, spacers and hardware

BVC Front and rear racks 

BVC sub frame, braces, all brackets / mounting hardware 

27'' rear tires  + wheels

30'' front tire + wheel 

Standard TRX axle with hardware

billet bearing carrier  dual - row 

trx450r hubs x 2

trx450r rear Brake disc / Caliper / Pads / brake line 

Chain and Sprockets (we change gearing for large tires) 

Maier Front and rear plastic (with mud flaps / extended fender flares ) 

LED Tail lights with brackets 

All mounting hardware needed for complete build. 



not included :   a XR650L Dirt bike , Mechanic Skills and Labor....  You MUST BE mechanically capable - this is not a "beginner" type project..  if you want to do this conversion please have a mechanic install the kit who can follow video instructions and handle emailing for tech support when needed.    These builds take time.. you must allow correct amount of "no rushing" time to build one of these like pictured..     Once all the hard work is done - these sure are awesome to ride!   if you are up for a challenge this is for you, as it is an awesome after work or weekend project to take part in. 

YES this does cost as much if not more than a 450cc trike kit... why?  the components are huge - heavy and double the size  and more costly than what we normally build..  So the price is slightly higher which is why we plan on doing the bulk discount.  When we built this trike we went full beast-mode and built it heavy duty like the original big red... but "super sized " it to be up to todays standards.    If you are a taller rider.. you will like this!    

Thank you guys for the continued support!  I know these builds are pricy - but we do what we can to keep the cost down for you guys... these really are "unicorn" builds - that we Dream up and make happen....   It is one of a kind,  and we probably will only build 15-20 of these kits depending on how many of you guys want it..     Put this next to your original big red -  ride this one.. and keep the vintage bike clean so it can keep going up in value :-)