XR650L Mega Red - RACKS & PLASTIC + Mounts

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You guys probably noticed that we re-used the OEM XR650L Seat and Side panels..  This is because the OEM subframe is Welded to the frame.  Being it is not removable - we had to design a custom mount system... Basically a subframe that bolts to the oem dirt bike subframe - allowing the use of the Big red style plastic from maier - along with custom racks ETC.      Here you have the option to select options and you can decide to use ours or build your own custom ones like we did.    I am trying to make this as easy and simple as possible for you guys by allowing you to choose exactly what you want.  



BVC  Tig welded  Front and Rear Racks

BVC Rack mounts and hardware 

BVC Bolt on subframe designed to work with OEM XR subframe and seat

BVC subframe braces (for extra support and side load) 

 Misc mounting hardware (there is alot of it - all will come labeled) 

Powder Coating - Satin black 


You then can choose to add new Maier plastic, and LED Tail lights

(or supply your own) 

***Please study these pictures as we show all the details of what is included along with the hardware ETC.    The Maier - Big red style front fender needs modifying**** as seen in pic to clearance the large fork boot of the XR650 fork.        The rear plastic also gets trimmed up to fit around the dirt bike chassis.   Again study the pictures and take a look at what we have done to make this work on the bike chassis. ***