Parts to Source

These are the additional items you will need to source on your own, that we will not provide.

OEM Honda rear brake caliper:

 You can get these OEM from any local Honda dealership, or Rocky Mountain atv, or OR i have some customers get the cheaper Chinese ones off eBay, which also work just fine!

 Here is the OEM part number is you want the OEM one


Part# 43150-HP1-006

 If you want the eBay Chinese one


OEM Style Aftermarket Chinese Rear Hubs:

The rear hubs are Honda pattern, so from a TRX450R. You can get those right on eBay for a cheap pair, just search “trx450r rear hubs” and many listings will pop up. We have even seen them on amazon as well.

OR, I have had some customers get the extended billet ones on Rocky Mountain ATV, which you can also do.


Rear fenders and Seat

The rear fenders are pretty easy to get. If you want to get OEM Honda, you can still get them from any place that offers OEM parts or any dealership, as well as Rocky Mountain ATV.

You will want to get the 2006-2014 Honda TRX450ER plastic

OEM part number is: FENDER, RR. *R299R* (WL) (NITRO RED) | Nitro red R299R;

Part# 80100-HP1-900ZB

If you want to go aftermarket, you can get Maier ones which we use often.

They offer more colors!


The seat, you can get OEM as well from Honda or dealership

OEM part number: SEAT (TYPE1)

Part# 77100-HP1-A40ZA


If you want a custom seat cover, you can work directly with Fourwerx on one. You can go directly to their website and order or send them an email.

Direct website link is FourWerx Carbon - Carbon Fiber and Titanium Products (